Our mission is to help sell more and buy better. We increase conversion and accelerate the movement of your trading business.

beeRetail is a platform for improving the efficiency of e-commerce.

beeRetail includes:

A service for analyzing prices in your online store based on the data on your competitors’ price.

A service of personal recommendations and targeted mailing.

A service for dynamic repricing of assortment according to the specified rules.


Average conversion growth when using product recommendations and targeted mailings

128 h

Average time savings per month when using the dynamic repricing service


Average conversion increase with daily collection and analysis of the data on competitors’ prices

Dmitry Sevostyan
founder of beeRetail

beeRetail is a team with many years of experience in sales management. We are fluent in marketing tools, we understand the specifics of various industries and regions. We know how important up-to-date market data is for making strategic decisions. The latter often caused difficulties for us: either the data was unjustifiably expensive, or not fresh enough, or scattered and insufficient…

beeRetail emerged as a response to our internal request. We needed a tool to quickly analyze the market, to understand how competitive the assortment we manage is. Therefore, all the functionality of beeRetail is the answer to the daily questions that the employees of online stores have to face.

  • How competitive are my prices today?
  • Which product price needs to be adjusted?
  • Are my competitors running promotions?
  • Do distributors give me a favorable price?

When we evaluated the effectiveness of beeRetail, it was clear that the product was so good that it would certainly be in demand on the market. It is simple, reliable, and visual. And it gives the result in the form of an increase in conversion.

We work every day to make our product even more effective! We are confident that we are building the world’s best ecommerce management platform so you could sell even more. And your customers could buy at the best price! Win-win, no compromise.

Why are we better?

Ease of use
Implementing beeRetail in your process does not require any effort. A personal account manager is included with every tariff plan.
Focus on the essentials
You set your pricing targets, beeRetail shows you which products meet them and which do not. You work only with the part of the assortment that requires your attention.
Clear performance criteria
Using beeRetail product recommendations, you know exactly how many products and for what amount were purchased with their help.
Delivery of reports to any address
If your business processes are configured in such a way that all communication is carried out in some third-party service, we will set up the sending of beeRetail reports to the exact address. To e-mail, or to the Slack channel, or maybe to Telegram… Anywhere!
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