Price Analytics

The cost of a product is the most important factor that determines its commercial success. By means of collecting and analyzing the prices of millions of products on various platforms every day, we see that vendors adjust their prices hourly. This is what the fight for the buyer’s money looks like. What are your positions in this fight?

Focus on goals

beeRetail is not just a service for collecting your competitors’ prices. If you specify the goals you aspire to achieve, beeRetail will analyze and rank products from your product range. For example, if your goal is to be 3% cheaper than your competitors, then you will easily see the products that do not meet these goals. It’s up to you whether to make them cheaper, to exclude them from the range, or to avoid putting them on advertising platforms. However, you will know exactly which products require your attention, and which ones are fully compliant with your pricing strategy.


Evaluation by brands

When working with products of a particular brand, it is important for you to understand how good of conditions are offered by a manufacturer or distributor. Perhaps your competitors have more favorable purchasing prices or indulge in dumping? With beeRetail, you will see which brands in your product range are fully compliant with your pricing strategy, and which are absolutely not. Perhaps you should initiate negotiations or exclude a non-target brand from the product range.


Flexible settings

Goal setting is our key advantage, but you can also specify which stores should be considered competitors and which should not. For example, if your store has a long history and a loyal audience, then it is hardly appropriate to take into account the store’s prices without reviews and ratings when performing a comparison and analysis. In just one click, you can specify the minimum rating and the number of reviews that will be used to filter the list of your competitors. Moreover, these parameters can be changed depending on the platform that you are analyzing.


Customizable schedule to collect prices

In order to start the price collection process, you only need to set up a schedule. And that’s it! Our algorithms will process products from your product range precisely on the days and hours that are important to you.

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