Product recommendations and targeted mailing lists

Using product recommendations and targeted mailing lists increases our customers' sales volume by an average of 4-7%.

Product recommendations

A smart recommendation system tells the visitors of your store what products they might be really interested in. This increases the depth of views, the time spent on the website and, ultimately, the chance that the desired product will be purchased from you.


Targeted mailing lists

According to statistics, only about 20 percent of visitors of an online store bring the order to its logical conclusion after putting the product in the cart. The other 80 percent abandon their shopping cart and forget about them. Our service allows you to return such visitors and make them buyers. A notification message about an abandoned shopping cart will remind the customer of their interest and prompt them to complete the order.



A visual form for displaying the effectiveness of the service.
On the chart, you can easily estimate the sales volume generated by beeRetail algorithms and make sure that the service is effective.



Just one click and you will see a detailed description of all orders made by using the service. These orders include only those that contain products recommended by the service or those made when clicking on the link in the notification sent by beeRetail.


Easy configuration

All you need to do is to upload the product range of your store, set your integration scripts, and configure the recommendation block type. The system will do everything else by itself. You will only need to evaluate the effectiveness of its work.

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